Some keyboard shortcuts will not work

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Some keyboard shortcuts will not work

Post by lrice648 » Sun Feb 11, 2018 6:29 am

I am trying to make use of a number of keybinding combinations involving the ctrl button (ctrl left, ctrl right, ctrl up and ctrl down, etc). Thusfar I have not been able to utilize any key combinations using ctrl and arrow keys (I have tested extensively using shift, alt, etc as a modifier instead, all with success).

We are using two types of vintasoft controls in our application: WpfAnnotationViewer and WpfAnnotatedThumbnailViewer.

I found this old thread ( that I at first thought was going to be helpful, but I realized that the control they were using is not the same and does not have a ProcessCmdKey method and I could not find any analog. Could this still be the issue, and if so, how can I resolve it using the wpf controls that do not have the ProcessCmdKey method?

I could not initially get any arrow key combinations (ctrl left or alt left for example) to work until I found the InputBindings collection on both WpfAnnotationViewer and WpfAnnotatedThumbnailViewer. After clearing those bindings (I think there were approximately 14), I was able to get alt+left etc to work, but ctrl+left for example still will not work. The WpfAnnotationViewer does not have anything in the InputBindings collection.

For the alt combinations, focus does not seem to be an issue (I can select the annotation viewer or the thumbnail viewer and all of the alt combinations work, and none of the control combinations work).

I do not know which control (if either) has some bindings still for control keys or arrow keys. It is possible the issue is not in the vintasoft controls, but there are no other 3rd party controls and no control button bindings anywhere else in the application.

Thank you for your help,


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Re: Some keyboard shortcuts will not work

Post by Alex » Mon Feb 12, 2018 5:21 pm

Hello Luke,

For understanding your problem, we need reproduce the problem on our side. Could you send us a small working project, which demonstrates your problem? If yes, please send your project to

Best regards, Alexander

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