Web Twain With Local Service with HTTPS url

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Web Twain With Local Service with HTTPS url

Post by tony_c » Thu Aug 30, 2018 9:39 pm

We have a situation where our server is in Cloud and is accessed by url that is HTTPS. The application is web based and we are using the Vintasoft Twain Jquery library to scan images using Local Service VintasoftWcfTwainService running at http://localhost:25320/twain. The SDK license is for Http://ncptscloudtest.com and https://secure.cloudtest.com.
The problem is that IE running on HTTPS will not allow CORS web service call to http://localhost:25320/twain a non https url. This would probably work in Chrome but will not in IE, edge or firefox. Our clients are using IE11.
By the way we did try compiling the VintasoftWcfTwainService project after changing the URL to in the StartService() method. This gives a error when service is started.

This has become a bottle neck now for us. Can you suggest a solution?

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Re: Web Twain With Local Service with HTTPS url

Post by Alex » Fri Aug 31, 2018 9:34 am

Hello Tony,

For solving your problem you need to use web service with HTTPS support. VintaSoft TWAIN Web Service, which is based on Web API,
supports HTTP and HTTPS protocols and we suggest you to use VintaSoft TWAIN Web Service instead of VintaSoft TWAIN WCF Service.

If you cannot use VintaSoft TWAIN Web Service and needs to use VintaSoft TWAIN WCF Service, you need to enable HTTPS support in WCF service.
Please read how to enable HTTPS support in WCF service in internet. For example you can see this link:
https://stackoverflow.com/questions/292 ... ul-service

Best regards, Alexander

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