Adding text on the imageviewer image.

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Adding text on the imageviewer image.

Post by codingbrains33 » Thu May 24, 2018 12:12 am


I am using VintasoftImage to enhance the image. During enhancement, I am able to performed different operations, And I want to add the text on this Vintasoftimage.

For this, I first add one or many texts as a label on the control. I am adding that text as a label on the image viewer, Which is moveable as well as editable by double-clicking on it. Before final saving I am trying to add text on the image first, For this, I get the controls which are types of as a label on the viewer and pass one by one to add the text on the image. For this, I am getting the text string and all related parameters of that label and make it as image and bind to the image viewer image.
Problems I have faced as follows:
1-During binding first label text to the viewer image, It locks the image viewer image. So unable to add more that one string on it.
2-Problem in adding the labels on the viewer image, not on the viewer. Right now I am only able to add a label on the viewer.
3-The font size is decreasing or increasing on adding text to the image. Not able to maintain the passing font size.

Do you have any suggestion, How we can add text to image viewer?

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Re: Adding text on the imageviewer image.

Post by Alex » Thu May 24, 2018 10:36 am


You need to use the GraphicObjectTool visual tool if you want to add static graphics to the image viewer. Please read more info here: ... _Tool.html

Best regards, Alexander

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