Welcome to VintaSoft's Subscription Renewal page.

You can purchase 1 Year updates & support subscription for your existing license securely through the web or by postal mail.

It's fast, simple and secure!

Available payment methods:
- Credit/Debit Card
- Wire Transfer
- Check
- PayPal.

Available payment currencies:
- Euro
- US dollar
- British pound
- Australian dollar
- Japanese yen
- Canadian dollar
- Swiss franc
- Russian rouble
- Brasilian real
- Norwegian krona
- Swedish krona
- Polish zloty
- Chinese renminbi yuan
- Taiwan dollar
- Indian rupee

Subscription Renewal

Benefits of 1 Year updates & support subscription

  • Higher technical support priority within a year via our Support Center.
  • E-mail notifications about new version releases and updates.
  • Getting for free all major and minor versions released within a year.
  • After 1 Year subscription expires you are free to consider if:
    • You need to renew the subscription for the next year and continue using the up-to-date version and VintaSoft Support services.
    • You don't need to renew the subscription for the next year and you will continue using the last version you got without any updates and support from VintaSoft.
  • The renewal of subscription for a year costs 50% of your license full price to date. The renewal cost does not depend on the fact if the subscription was renewed on anniversary or any period after. And of course you won't lose any remaining time of your current license subscription when you renew early.

Technical support resources and License Agreement

Please visit our Support page for more details on technical support resources and for ability to submit a support ticket.

For exhaustive information about licensing please read the License Agreement clicking the desired product link below:

Renewing 1 Year updates & support subscription of existing license

If you have decided to renew the subscription of your existing license for the next year and continue receive VintaSoft updates and support service you can do it from your account on our site.