Please extend my thanks to you development team ... we are very happy to use your SDK within our Application. It works perfectly and we have had very very few issues in the past!

Kurt Brauchli
Basys Data GmbH

VintaSoft Forms Processing .NET Plug-in - History

Version 1.6 (version 8.6 of VintaSoft Imaging .NET SDK)

  • The KeyZoneRecognizerCommand class was added with ability to process image before generating the image imprint. The command for image processing can be set using KeyZoneRecognizerCommand.ImagePreprocessing property.
  • Improved the algorithm of image imprint recognition, which is implemented in KeyLineRecognizerCommand class.
  • Demo applications:
    • FormsProcessingDemo application:
      • Added the form for visualizing and comparing two image imprints.
      • Added the ability to process image before generating an image imprint.
      • Added the ability to specify the minimum confidence level for the results of image imprints comparison.
  • The detailed information about API changes is located in Changes History article.

Version 1.0 - 1.2 (version 8.2 of VintaSoft Imaging .NET SDK)

  • Created VintaSoft Forms Processing .NET Plug-in - a new plug-in for VintaSoft Imaging .NET SDK with the following abilities:
    • Identify an image from known templates and align the image to match its template:
      • Create an image imprint based on lines, L search pattern or user defined algorithm.
      • Compare 2 image imprints. Algorithm can compensate distortions, which are related with displacement, scale or rotation.
      • Identify an image from a set of known templates and get the transformation matrix from image to the template image.
      • Align an image to match its template using the transformation matrix from image to the template image.
    • Identify a form image and recognize optical marks, text and barcodes in the form:
      • Define a form template that defines the image with blank form:
        • Create a form template by code.
        • Display a form template in WinForms or WPF:
          • Display a form template on source image.
          • Build a form template using mouse.
          • Edit a form template using mouse.
          • Customize the visual appearance of form template.
        • Serialize form templates into XML, deserialize form templates from XML.
      • Identify a form template for filled form from a set of known form templates.
      • Recognize fields in a filled form:
        • Recognize forms synchronously or asynchronously.
        • Recognize forms in multiple threads.
        • Supported form field types:
          • Optical mark field bounded by rectangle.
          • Optical mark field bounded by ellipse.
          • Optical mark fields grouped in a table.
          • Text field - VintaSoft OCR .NET Plug-in is necessary.
          • Barcode field with 1D or 2D barcode - VintaSoft Barcode .NET SDK is necessary.
          • Group of any form fields.
        • Display the recognized form in WinForms or WPF:
          • Display the recognized form above the source image or aligned image.
          • Customize the visual appearance of recognized form.
      • The open architecture allows to define custom types of form fields and form field templates.
    • Demo applications:
      • New Forms Processing Demo and WPF Forms Processing Demo applications allow to:
        • Create and change form templates visually, adjust the value format, configure the parameters of form templates.
        • Load and save the form templates from file.
        • Perform the forms recognition in multiple threads.
        • Display the results of forms comparison and recognition.