VintaSoft Imaging .NET SDK v8.6
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    Overview of image processing
    In This Topic

    VintaSoft Imaging .NET SDK allows you to work with different image formats and use many useful processing functions. Processing function is a processing command which can be applied to the specified image. Such approach allows you to process multiple images using single command or group of commands, by setting adjustments just once. To perform processing command you should create an instance of the processing command class and call ExecuteInPlace() method.


    Dim image As New Vintasoft.Imaging.VintasoftImage("original-image.png")
    Dim command As New Vintasoft.Imaging.ImageProcessing.Effects.AutoLevelsCommand()
    Vintasoft.Imaging.VintasoftImage image = 
        new Vintasoft.Imaging.VintasoftImage("original-image.png");
    Vintasoft.Imaging.ImageProcessing.Effects.AutoLevelsCommand command = 
        new Vintasoft.Imaging.ImageProcessing.Effects.AutoLevelsCommand();

    Processing comands overview

    1. Base - commands which implement basic image manipulation:
    2. Info - commands which implement statistical image information:
    3. Transforms - commands which implement image representation transformation:
    4. Color - commands which implement image color manipulation:
    5. Filters commands which implement graphic filters for image processing:
      • MinimumCommand - applies arithmetic minimum filter to image. The minimum filter is defined as the minimum of all pixels within a local region of the image.
      • MaximumCommand - applies arithmetic maximum filter to image. The maximum filter is defined as the maximum of all pixels within a local region of the image.
      • MeanCommand - applies arithmetic mean filter to image.
      • MedianCommand - applies arithmetic median filter to image. The median filter is defined as the median of all pixels within a local region of the image.
      • MidpointCommand - applies arithmetic midpoint filter to image.
      • DilateCommand - applies morphological dilate filter to image. This filter widens and enhances dark areas of the image.
      • ErodeCommand - applies morphological erode filter to image. This filter widens and enhances bright areas of the image.
      • ConvolutionCommand - applies convolution filter to image.
      • BlurCommand - applies blur filter to image.
      • EdgeDetectionCommand - applies edge detection filter to image.
      • CannyEdgeDetectorCommand - applies a Canny edge detector filter to an image.
      • EmbossCommand - applies emboss filter to image.
      • GaussianBlurCommand - applies gaussian blur filter to image.
      • SharpenCommand - applies sharpen filter to image. Increases sharpness of the image.
      • AddNoiseCommand - adds a noise to an image.

    6. Document Cleanup commands which implement electronic documents image processing to clean them up for better compression, archival, readability and OCR:
    7. Effects - commands which implement some effects for editing images (especially photos) in a particular way and thus may make them more funny:
    8. FFT - commands which implement image processing in frequency domain using Fast Fourier Transform: